Home Safety Device

Serving the Seniors in our community

Our goal is to take care of vulnerable individuals and providing a solution to allow assistance to be rendered quickly, even averting passing on of Seniors who need urgent assistance when [email protected] The device has a telco nano SIM included, a call alert button when pressed, sends wirelessly to back-end when acknowledged, loops back and only then lights up the LED that handshake communication is complete.

The back-end system then takes over by triggering real-time notifications via the SenzeHub app, installed on mobile devices of the pool of first responders who are from the SACs Senior Activity Centres, neighbours, caregivers, relatives and volunteers. One of them will tap on the app to indicate accept to check on the Senior, with name and address/map. Once at the doorstep, to communicate with the person whether able to come to the door, or respond reason for calling for assistance.

Upon assessment of condition and critical urgency, if necessary to activate ambulance to send to A&E of hospital, or for appropriate follow-up otherwise. This could be in the form of accompanying the Senior to a nearby clinic if opened, or advise to return in the morning to help to go see a doctor.