Our journey started in 2019 after taking part in a national IoT innovation challenge, evaluated by 2 rounds of panels in March 2019 (semi-finals) and July 2019 (finals) competing against research institutions and university teams. Our solution and IP developed was deemed promising, for commercialisation and technically robust for enterprise-level market adoption.

How we are differentiated:

  • End-to-end enterprise solution
  • R&D and IP is by SenzeHub
  • Large scale deployment
  • Extended coverage area
  • Multi-users usage
  • Provide customisation plus maintenance
  • Real-time alert notifications dashboard
  • Indoor and outdoors
  • Customised site layout
  • Full support and maintenance
  • Reference customer upon request
  • We are supported by Enterprise Singapore, IPI, NYP COI and in partnership with Singtel telco in Singapore. For demo and enquiries, please email to [email protected]

         and in collaboration with